Kangaroo Point Cliffs, Rock Climbing, Brisbane

The cliffs at Kangaroo Point are situated just across the Brisbane River from the central Brisbane business district in Queensland, Australia. This spot is a very popular area for the rock climbers.

The Cliffs are on the east bank of the Brisbane river opposite the Queensland University of Technology. The area is a popular picnic, climbing and abseiling site. The Kangaroo Point Cliffs feature excellent facilities for rock climbing and abseiling, including lighting for night climbing.

There is a narrow strip of parkland at the base of the cliffs for spectators. Brisbane is one of the few major cities with cliffs suitable for climbing so close to the central city area.

Luke Rock Climbing at Kangaroo Point 1

Last weekend I was fortunate to see my Son climbing these cliffs in the first two images. For this series of images I used a 300mm f/4 telephoto lens and a Nikon D700 camera.

Luke Rock Climbing at Kangaroo Point 2

The image below is of Haydn scaling the cliff face. It is quite spectacular seeing these climbers scaling the steep cliff face.

Haydn Rock Climbing at Kangaroo Point