Industrial Landscapes At Night

Loy Yang, Power Station, Traralgon, Victoria, Australia

I love capturing industrial landscapes at night time. For some reason the colours and subjects seem to stand out and contrast against the night sky.

The above image of the power station was captured on a wet night which seemed to create nice lighting and reflections on the roadway. It was captured using a tripod and Nikon’s 24-120mm lens at 55mm.

Energy Developments Limited, Liquefied Natural Gas Plant, Dampier, Western Australia

The second image has been captured in a very remote area of Western Australia near Dampier. This image was captured at a very high ISO of 4,000 and a shutter speed of 1/500 second at f/4. It was captured with a 300mm lens without a tripod, sometimes you have to make the best of the equipment you have available, but I would have preferred to use a tripod. In the above case the camera and lens was resting on the door of a motor vehicle.

Some of the current cameras make it so much easier to get these types of images at night time with their high ISO capability.