Southern Cross Railway Station, Melbourne

Yes sometimes it is interesting the things you see from your Hotel window. I recently went for a trip to Melbourne, Australia and from the Hotel window, I could see the above roof line of the Southern Cross Railway Station.

The image was taken from the Vibe Savoy Hotel through a DIRTY window from the eighth floor.

I like this image because of the symmetry of the roof and we were fortunate that the window was in the best position to see the symmetrical design.

The exposure was 1/1000 second, Aperture, f/5.6, Focal Length, 95 mm, ISO Speed, 200. The above image was captured with a Nikon D700 and a Nikon 24-120mm lens.

It was a very interesting roof line thought up by an inspired architect and was probably a nightmare for the builder to construct. It is Custom Orb  iron in a really fancy design. There are also anchor points and wire grids for safety when working on the roof.