Bad Habits

I was amused by the name of the Tobacconist shop that I captured at Yamba, New South Wales. It was called Bad Habits.

We probably all have some sort of bad habits, I know I do. Some times when I capture an image I do not spend enough time thinking  about some of the following things:

  • Recently I was capturing a seascape image and after taking a couple of shots I noticed that there was a brightly coloured Coke can in the foreground which was spoiling the image.
  • Spend some time getting the composition right by framing the image carefully to your liking.
  • Make sure all your camera settings are right, exposure, shutter speed to freeze any motion, aperture to get the best depth of field.
  • Check the colour balance, it was a little off in the above image, due to the mixed lighting however I was able to correct it in post processing.
  • Ensure that the ISO is suitable for the lighting illuminating the subject.
  • Keep all your gear clean particularly the lens elements and the camera sensor. I generally use a large blower the blow any particles away every now and then.

After all it is not really the CPU in the camera that takes the image it is the CPU behind the viewfinder that has full control.