My wife does not normally do a lot of photography, however she does enjoy  it occasionally. On a recent trip my wife borrowed one of my older cameras, a Nikon D2H, it is a wonderful fast focusing camera for fast action photography but has its limitations as it is only 4 MPixels, not very much room for any cropping when capturing birds, but it can still provide some beautiful images. She used a Nikon 17-55mm zoom lens on the camera. This lens is an excellent photo-journalism  f/2.8  lens. I would not really class it as a birding lens, however she captured some very nice images with the outfit.

The first image  below is as captured with only minimal post processing with some minor sharpening, it is not cropped.

Purple Crowned Lorikeet

The above image of the Purple Crowned Lorikeet was taken in a walk through aviary, the Rainbow Jungle Aviary at Kalbarri, on the Western Australia coast. This was a beautiful aviary with a very large variety of birds in beautiful surroundings, with plenty of flowering shrubs for the birds to feed on. Kalbarri is a wonderful spot as it has abundant wild flowers in season and has a magnificent rugged coast line.

The image below of the Silver Gull was captured at Penguin Island, a small island close to the coast south of Perth, Western Australia. This island is a breeding rookery for sea birds and had just been opened, as it had been closed for the birds breeding season. Some of the birds were very aggressive as we were photographing them.

Silver Gull in Flight

Both of the above images were captured with the 17-55mm zoom lens at 55mm. Normally I would not even try to capture birds with such a short lens, but the images turned out very nicely in my opinion. I was quite pleased with what she accomplished.

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