Butterfly, Hinterland Regional Park

Recently I was at a local park looking for some birds to photograph but was amazed to see so many butterflies fluttering around.

Butterflies would be one of the most beautiful insects to photograph. I would normally use my 200mm f/4 Nikon Micro lens for butterflies but I did not have it available at this time, the 200mm Micro will focus down to life size. In this case I used the Nikon 30o0mm f/4 lens, as I was mainly looking for birds, the 300mm does not focus quite so close but appeared to do the job here.

For images such as this, a monopod or tripod can be a great advantage to help get sharper images, also many of the more recent lenses have Vibration Reduction or Image Stabilisation to help reduce camera shake, but this does not help with the subject movement.

If you are interested in nature and macro photography please take a look at some of the hints and tips in the categories section of the site.