Tulip, Toowoomba, Flower Festival, 2011

A Macro or Micro lens in Nikon language can be a very flexible tool to use at a flower carnival. Recently I spent a day at the Toowoomba Flower Carnival and I used the 105mm Micro lens all day without a lens change. I did not really feel the need to change lenses.

Flower Bed, Toowoomba Flower Carnival, 2011

Even when photographing some of the flower beds I still used the 105mm Micro lens to get an overall view of the carnival. But the main advantage of the close up lens was for the individual flowers where I wanted to get up close. A lens such as the 105mm focal length is excellent for selective focus when getting in close.

We outline some of the lens choices available in you photography in the following articles where different Nikon lens reviews are discussed.

Poppies, Toowoomba Flower Festival, 2011

There are many considerations when choosing a lens such as the following criteria:

  • Lens aperture,
  • Focal length of lens,
  • Do you need zoom for flexibility or fixed focal length,
  • Close focussing ability or maximum magnification ratio,
  • Minimum focus distance,
  • Do you need the lens to have vibration reduction (VR) or image stabilization (IS).

There are other things external to the camera which can help with your photography in improving the image quality.

  • Using a tripod,
  • Using a monopod,
  • Cable releases.

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