Do you like Blurry Images

Currumbin Rock Pool

Normally I am not too keen on images unless most of the subject matter is quite sharp. Sometimes we use selective focus with a low aperture to blur out some part of the image.

The images in this post have been intentionally taken with a long exposure to intentionally blur the flowing water. I quite like the effect you get by doing this. I do not think that it matters if the water is not sharp as long as all the rocks and other important things in the image are very sharp.

Rapids, Currumbin Rock Pool

The technique to do this is by taking a very long exposure. For both the images above, the exposure was 120 seconds and the camera was placed on a tripod to keep it steady, a remote cable release was also used to avoid camera movement.

A 10 stop neutral density (ND) filter was used to block some of the light, consequently the exposure required was 10 stops longer in time than normally  required. Using these filters is not easy, as the filter blocks out so much light that it is difficult to focus the camera through the viewfinder, The secret is to manually focus the camera on the tripod and then place the ND filter on the lens. You will need to take the exposure using manual camera settings and manually allow for the additional 10 stops for the total exposure time required.