Star Studded – Body Art Carnivale

The first three images here have been photographed with a Nikon D700 camera and a Nikon 105mm, f/2.8, Micro lens. This lens is an excellent general purpose lens for people and portrait photography. The secret of getting good portraits in an environment such as where these body art images were captured, is to crop in closely and to try to blur out the background, to ensure it does not intrude and distract from the image.

Red Head, Body Art Carnivale

These images have been taken at a Body Art Carnivale. It can be quite a challenge to capture images at a carnrivale such as this as the subjects are continually moving and fast action is required by the photographer.

Peacock Woman – Body Art Carnivale

The last three images below have been captured with a 24-120mm zoom lens. The zoom lens gives more flexibility in framing the images in a limited space and eliminating any background distraction. In all the images below there was some action involved and the zoom was very handy to frame the images.

The Alien – Body Art Carnivale

To assist you in choosing lenses for an event such as this we have a good summary of all the Nikon lenses together with many Nikon Lens Reviews.

The choice of lens can depend on many factors including aperture requirements, focal length and/or zoom versus fixed focal length.

Painted, Body Art Carnivale

Generally events such as this provide opportunities for very colourful and  high impact images.

The Archer, Body Art Carnivale