Fireworks, Broadwater Parklands, Southport, Gold Coast, 1.

New Years Eve is a wonderful time for practising your fireworks photography skills. Once you have refined your fireworks techniques, fireworks are quite easy to capture.

Two main accessories will be required to capture the fireworks, a stable tripod and a remote release cable. For the fireworks, I used a Manfrotto 190D tripod and a Nikon MC-36 Multi-Function Remote control unit, a Nikon D700 camera and a 50mm f/1.8 lens.

The camera will need to be set to the lowest ISO setting, in this case it was ISO200 and an aperture of around f/8 to f/16 should be satisfactory. Generally I will use the camera set to the manual setting and the shutter speed to Bulb, and I hold the shutter open for several seconds to ensure I capture enough of each burst of the fireworks. Set the camera to manual focus and focus the lens manually on one of the fireworks bursts.

You images will look much better if you can get many bursts on the one frame. To achieve this I generally copy several images into Photoshop and place them in separate layers. The Layer Blending Mode will need to be set to “Screen” for all the fireworks images to be visible.

So on your next fireworks night get your camera out and go for it. Get some wonderful images.

Fireworks, Broadwater Parklands, Southport, Gold Coast, 2.