Ride ‘Em Cowboy, Gold Coast Rodeo

A country Rodeo is always a good place to go to get some stunning action images. This is fast moving action and quick reflexes are required to capture the moment.

Use a high shutter speed to freeze the action. To acheive the fast shutter speed you may well need to up the ISO and use a lower aperture. The above image has been captured at 1/1,600 second, f/6.3, at ISO 1,600.

The examples here have been taken with a Nikon D700 camera and 300mm lens, I was some distance from the arena. If you are in a position close to the arena fence you would be better off with a shorter lens such as a 50-85mm.

The End Is Near, Gold Coast Rodeo

The above image has captured the peak of the action, with the rider about to bite the dust. The setting for this image were 1/4,000 second, f/4.0 at ISO 1,600.